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a lot of ppl probably don't know...about the scottish referendum results...

so basically for the past two years a real movement for independence has swept across scotland, and we held our referendum on 17/9/14, vote yes for independence or no for the union. for various reasons, i'm a passionate yes voter - mainly because i believe in having our own gvt that we voted for that will protect us, because i want to remove trident from us, because i want change now.

so...votes came in from 2am+ on the 18th, and it became clear very quickly it was a no vote. shoutout to the islands, who're to stuck in traditional to handle the thought of being left-wing haha. shoutout to aberdeen, oil fucking centre, with one of the biggest gaps between yes and no. shoutout to edinburgh, fucking edinburgh that also had a huge gap between yes and no haha god bless so glad our capitol which literally has out snp gvt located in it voted no. i am so surprised. almost shocked.

shoutout to glasgow, dundee, west dunbartonshire and north lanarkshire for voting yes. some of the poorest on average counties in scotland voted yes, and yet we still got a no vote, and i honestly think that's all you need to know about what's been happening here.

shoutout to the fucking better together campaign that didn't get its arse in gear till maybe 6 months ago and only promised us devolution about two weeks ago.

shoutout to the lovely yes voters who banded together on the eve of the 17th. shoutout to the mostly no-voters, orange order, other racist/secretarianist/bigotted ppl who r out in george sq rn, rioting, setting fires to flags and pro-yes organisations, stabbing ppl and performing nazi salutes. never have i been more proud to live in scotland, and specifically in glasgow. i'm so glad we voted no.

anyway, i'm a huge mess, i keep crying about it, i'm horrendously disappointed and if u have no knowledge of this i ask u desperately to pls educate yourself on this enormously important issue


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Spending most of my time crying over various fictional shows, like Teen Wolf and Supernatural, as well as various fictional characters, like Derek Hale and Sam Winchester and Lydia Martin and Adam Milligan and there's a lot of them ok. Time not spent doing that usually involves me squealing over six grown men playing video games (they call themselves Achievement Hunters, tch), especially one Michael Jones who is perfect in each and every way oh my god he is beautiful god i need a moment.

In case you ever want to see the hysterics in real time, visit for more fun.

Disclaimer: I'm also an idiot and defend these characters with ferocity. Don't tall about politics to me, bc I'll monopolise the conversation and somehow turn it to America's lack of a national health service, feminism, or the class system. I'm a sarcastic lil shit that makes ridiculous references to ridiculous shows, and I like girly things and badass shit bc why not. Sorry.

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